We provide installation for the following services:

  1. Ceiling Fan
  2. Electrical Outlet, Fixture, and Recessed Lighting
  3. Expansion Tank and Water Heater
  4. Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  5. Standby Generator
  6. Recirculation Pump and Hot Water System
  7. Saniflo Upflush Toilet
  8. Backflow Testing
  9. Bathroom Remodeling (Includes Sink, Faucet, Vanity, and Toilet Installation)
  10. Expansion Tank and Hot Water System Replacement
  11. Kitchen Remodeling (Includes Cabinet, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal System, and Sink Installation)
  12. Punch List Completion
  13. Tenant Build-Out and Improvement (Include Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA-Compliant Retrofit)