Install Saniflo System

Want to put a bathroom where the plumbing makes it impossible? Then you need a Saniflo.

Installing a new bathroom in a basement can be a major undertaking. Usually, the concrete floor must be broken up and new sewer pipes installed, then new concrete must be poured.  The Saniflo system can easily be installed on top of any finished floor, which eliminates the need to dig up a floor as present methods using techniques such as  sewage ejector pump require.  Additionally, there is no need to leave an accessible space, as is the case with an in-floor sump system.  A Saniflo system greatly reduces construction work in these situations.  Instead of using gravity to drain, the Saniflo has an electric pump that efficiently discharges waste up and away to the sewer stack.

The Saniflo unit is installed behind the toilet and can serve a sink and a tub as well.


Shipping Weight:  N/A
Price:  Starting at $945.00

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