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Thank you for your interest in Handy1, LLC.  By completing ths form, you may obtain; online, a budgetary estimate for routine work.  Unless otherwise noted, prices are for labor only.

General information

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Work Description 


Description SKU UOM Qty
Appliance Removal and Disposal KIT001 Each
Cabinet Removal KIT002 Each
Cabinet Install KIT004 Each
Countertop Removal KIT006 LF
Countertop (granite)  Install KIT008 LF
Countertop (laminate)  Install KIT010 LF
Demolition/removal of existing kitchen KIT011 Lot
Demo of existing kitchen in a hi-rise KIT013 Lot
Faucet Removal KIT012 Each
Faucet Install KIT014 Each
Fluorescent Light Removal KIT017 Each
Fluorescent Light Install KIT015 Each
Dishwasher Removal KIT016 Each
Dishwasher Install KIT018 Each
Disposal Removal KIT020 Each
Disposal Install KIT022 Each
Drain Service KIT023 Each
Ice maker  Install KIT024 Each
Microwave Removal KIT026 Each
Microwave (over range)  Install KIT028 Each
Range Removal KIT030 Each
Range (electric)  Install KIT032 Each
Range (gas)  Install KIT034 Each
Refrigerator Removal KIT036 Each
Refrigerator  Install KIT038 Each
Shutoff Valve Replace KIT040 Each
Shutoff Valve Gas Replace KIT041 Each
Sink Removal KIT042 Each
Sink Install KIT044 Each
Sink - Cut opening in laminate KIT046 Each
Sink Trap Installation KIT048 Each



Description SKU UOM Qty
Backer Board Removal BAT002 SF
Backer Board Install BAT004 SF
Bath Tub Removal BAT006 Each
Bath Tub Install BAT008 Each
Faucet Removal BAT010 Each
Faucet Install BAT012 Each
Floor Tile (Ceramic) Removal BAT014 Each
Floor Tile (Ceramic) Install BAT016 Each
Grout / re-grout BAT018 SF
Shower Door Removal BAT020 Each
Shower Door Install BAT022 Each
Shutoff Valve Install BAT024 Each
Surround Removal BAT025 SF
Toilet Removal BAT026 Each
Toilet Install BAT028 Each
Toilet Tank Bolts Replacement BAT030 Each
Toilet Flapper Replacement BAT032 Each
Toilet Float Replacement BAT034 Each
Toilet Unclogging BAT035 Each
Vanity Removal BAT036 Each
Vanity Install BAT038 Each
Wall Tile Removal BAT040 SF
Wall Tile Install (Mastic) BAT042 SF
Wall Tile Install (Thinset) BAT043 SF
Wax Seal Replacement BAT044 Each
Towel Bar Installation BAT046 Each



Description SKU UOM Qty
Exterior Door Disposal DRS002 Each
Exterior Door Install DRS004 Each
Jamb Repair DRS006 Each
Lockset Install DRS008 Each
Pre-Hung Door Disposal DRS010 Each
Pre-Hung Door Install DRS012 Each
Slab Door Disposal DRS014 Each
Slab Door Install DRS016 Each
Patio Door Disposal DRS020 Each
Patio Door Install DRS022 Each
Storm Door Install DRS024 Each


Interior Carpentry

Description SKU UOM Qty
Casing/Molding Removal ICR002 LF
Casing/Molding Install ICR004 LF
Crown Molding Removal ICR006 LF
Crown Molding Install ICR008 LF
Door Framing ICR010 EA
Partition Tear Out ICR012 EA
Partition Framing ICR014 LF
Partition Install, FRP ICR016 LF
Partition Install, Drywall ICR018 LF
Window Framing ICR020 EA
Wainscoting Install ICR022 LF


Exterior Carpentry

Description SKU UOM Qty
Deck Construction Wood ECR002 SF
Deck Construction Synthetic ECR004 SF
Deck Step Construction ECR005 Each
Deck Demolition ECR006 SF
Exterior Caulking ECR007 LF
Fence Install Wood ECR008 LF
Fence Install Synthetic ECR009 LF
Fence Removal ECR010 LF
Siding Removal ECR014 SF
Siding (Vinyl) Install ECR016 SF
Soffit and Fascia Replacement ECR020 LF
Window Replacement Install ECR024 Each



Description SKU UOM Qty
Ceiling Fan Removal ELE002 Each
Ceiling Fan Install ELE004 Each
Circuit Extension ELE005 LF
Dimmer Switch Removal ELE006 Each
Dimmer Switch Install ELE008 Each
Fixture Removal - Ceiling Surface Mount ELE010 Each
Fixture Install - Ceiling Surface Mount ELE012 Each
Outlet and Box Install ELE016 Each
Outlet Replacement ELE018 Each
Switch and Box Install ELE022 Each
Switch Replacement ELE024 Each



Description SKU UOM Qty
Fix floor squeaks FLR002 Each
Install Hardwood FLR004 Each
Sand/Refinish Hardwood FLR006 SF
Install Underlayment, LABOR FLR008 SF
Install Ceramic Floor Tile FLR010 SF
Install VCT Flooring FLR012 SF
Remove Laminate Flooring FLR016 SF
Install Laminate Flooring FLR018 SF
Install Engineered Flooring FLR020 SF
Remove Carpet, Padding FLR022 SF
Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring FLR024 SF
Undercut Door Jambs FLR026 EA
Remove Laminate Flooring FLR028 SF
Install Transitions FLR030 EA



Description SKU UOM Qty
Hang and finish DRW002 Lot
Cut drywall DRW004 SF
Hang drywall DRW006 Sheet
Finish Drywall DRW008 SF
Patch and Repair DRW0010 Lot


Painting interior

Description SKU UOM Qty
Paint Ceiling PTI002 SF
Paint Interior Door(s) PTI004 Each
Paint Removal Trim PTI004 LF
Paint Interior Trim PTI006 LF
Paint Interior Walls PTI008 SF
Paint walls, ceiling, trim (Lbr) PTI010 LF
Paint Color Matching PTI012 Each


Painting exterior

Description SKU UOM Qty
Paint Exterior Doors PTE002 Each
Paint Exterior House PTE004 Each
Paint Exterior Soffit PTE006 LF
Paint Exterior Siding PTE008 SF
Paint Exterior Windows PTE010 Lot


Miscellaneous interior

Description SKU UOM Qty
Assemble Furniture MSI004 Each
Caulk Bathtub/Shower MSI006 LF
Hang Curtains/Blinds MSI008 Each
Hang Mirror/Picture Small MSI010 Each
Hang Mirror/Picture Large MSI011 Each
Interior Rehabilitation MSI012 SF


Miscellaneous exterior

Description SKU UOM Qty
Assemble Swing/Playset MSE002 Each
Build Shed MSE004 SF
Pressure wash Deck MSE006 SF
Pressure wash House MSE008 SF
Exterior Caulking MSE010 LF



Description SKU UOM Qty
Pick-up and Delivery MSC002 Each
Disposal (Dump Run) MSC004 Each
Handyman Services - Sub MSC006 Hr
Handyman Services - Res MSC008 Hr
Handyman Services - Com MSC010 Hr
General Construction Svcs MSC012 USD



Description SKU UOM Qty
Sanitop-Quiet Range SAN002 Each
SaniPlus - combo round SAN004 Each
SaniBest - combo round SAN006 Each
SaniGrind pump only SAN008 Each
SaniPack pump only SAN010 Each
SaniCompact 48 SAN012 Each


Garage Overhead Storage Racks (Handy Racks)

Description SKU UOM Qty
8 X 4 Overhead Rack HDR002 Each
8 X 3 Overhead Rack HDR004 Each
8 X 2 Overhead Rack HDR006 Each
6 X 4 Overhead Rack HDR008 Each
6 X 3 Overhead Rack HDR010 Each
6 X 2 Overhead Rack HDR012 Each
4 X 4 Overhead Rack HDR014 Each


Job Notes